The Hasegawa General Store

Just as the song says, this is where you’ll find some of the most interesting and unique shopping on Maui. To help you through Hasegawa’s maze of merchandise, the following are items unique to Hana and in some cases to Maui. Just look for the “Uniquely Hana” tags.

Pareaus(wrap arounds): One of Maui’s largest selections. The colorful material comes from Hawaii, India, Africa, Tahiti & Bali.

Music: Be sure to get your own copy of “The Hasegawa General Store” song composed by Paul Weston and recorded on three CDs: George Paoa Trio Live, Hawaii’s Sunset Melodies, Maui’s Sunset Music and Hula Favorites.
There are several local musicians that have released Hawaiian Music CD’s. Leokane Pryor whose CD “Maunahele” was released in 1999. He currently entertains at the Hotel Hana-Maui. Kaiolohia K. Funes Smith was born and raised in Hana. His CD “Aloha Ku’u Home ‘O Hana, is a tribute to his home of Hana. Pekelo the first Hana born musician to have a major impact on Hawaiian Music. His CD’s “Going to Hana Maui” and “Hana Jam’, reflected for Hana and Hawaiian music.
Renee Coates Post Cards/NOIC Hana artist Renee Coates grew up in Hana and credits Hana’s beauty as a source of great inspiration for her work.

Local Food:
Hana Blend Coffee: Specially blended and roasted for the Hasegawa General Store, this gourmet blend of Kipahulu Estate and South American coffee beans is full bodied and smooth. Choose from six varieties, ground or whole bean.

Ono Farms Organic Kipahulu Estate Coffee: Chuck Boerner’s Ono Farms is one of Maui’s few certified organic farms. Maui Coffee Roasters calls Kipahulu Estate Coffee “the Rolls-Royce of Hawaiian Coffee.”
Naborly Farms Macadamia Nuts: owned by actor Jim Nabors, these macnuts are grown in Hana. Look for his famous smile on the label.

Mmm… Yummynuts Coconut Candy: A combination of natural juices & oils from the meat of the wild Hana Coconuts & Hawaiian sugar, cooked on an open fire, rendered to a mouth watering treat that makes you go Mmmm…

Hana’s Famous Gourmet Blend Chili Pepper Sauce: Local Hana Chef Hatota Tehiva uses Hawaiian Chili Peppers and a blend of secret spices to produce Hana’s famous Gourmet blend Chili pepper sauce. Available in medium and hot.

Hana Fresh Farm produce: The Hana Fresh Farm is known for its quality organic produce. Grown in Hana and harvested daily, vegetables, fruit and herbs have that unbeatable “fresh from the farm” flavor.
Hasegawa General Store Merchandise: A unique selection of custom printed t-shirts, including one of the very first “I survived the Hana Highway”, t-shirts. The custom printed designs are only found at Hasegawa’s. You’ll also find custom designed bumper stickers, baseball caps, coffee mugs and other items.

Interesting Books and other Finds:
“Voices of Wisdom: Hawaiian Elders Speak” by MJ Harden interviews 24 Hawaiians who are considered experts in their cultural fields. The cover features Eddie Pu, a Hana resident and former Park Ranger at ‘Oheio Gulch. He talks about his philosophy of life and his annual spiritual walks around the Island. Mary Kaauamo of Keanae is also featured) in the book. She has been raising Taro in Wailua for the last 50 years. She talks about life as a taro farmer from the 1940’s to the present.

“Every Grain of Rice: Portraits of Maui’s Japanese Community” by Rita Goldman.The hook tells the story of Mauiis Japanese community, from the arrival of plantation workers in the mid-l800s, to the years following World War II Several individuals and families are highlighted in the book with the Hasegawa family being one of them. There is a brief history of the store and pictures from the l940’s.
“The Diver’s Guide to Mau” by Chuck Thorne is one of the first diver’s guides to many of the beaches on Maui. It is easy to use and extremely helpful to first time and as well as experienced divers. Chuck also owns the Maui Cave Adventures at Ka’eleku caverns in Hana.