Hasegawa General Store: Timeline

1910 Brothers Shoichi and Saburo Hasegawa start their own store at the present site of The Hasegawa Gas Station. Toshimasa Hasegawa is born in 1910, the first child of Shoichi and Kiku.

1919 Shoichi and Kiku take Toshimasa (9) and their four children back to Japan. Saburo continues to run the business.

1926 Saburo and his oldest son Kengo go to Japan to ask Toshimasa if he would come back and help with the store. Toshimasa (15) comes back to Hana and finishes his schooling at Hana School.

1932 Toshimasa marries Shizuko Hirose.

1933 Saburo returns to Japan with his family and Toshimasa continues to run the business.

1934 Harry is born, the first of four sons to Toshimasa and Shizuko.

1958 Toshimasa builds the brick store which later becomes The Hasegawa General Store remembered in postcards and photos.

1961 Paul Weston writes the song “The Hasegawa General Store.” The song becomes popular when it is sung by Pua Alameida on the radio show “Hawaii Calls.” Other artists that have sung it through the years are: Hilo Hattie, Ed Kenney, Haunani Kahalewai, Arthur Godfrey, Jack Demello & his orchestra, and more recently Jim Nabors and Carol Burnett, as well as local musicians, George Paoa, Jessie Nakaoka & The Hoopii Brothers. Next time you’re at a luau, ask the musician if he knows the song. You might be pleasantly surprised.

1961 Harry returns to Hana after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder and serving in the Army. He marries Nita Nebrija, a school teacher from Oahu.

1963 Neil, the only son, is born followed by two daughters, Susie & Kelly.

1988 Neil returns to Hana after graduating from the University of Redlands to help Harry run the store.

1990 The Hasegawa General Store and Hana Gas Station are set ablaze.

Aug. 14 The gas station suffers minor damage while everything is lost at The Hasegawa General Store. Keola Hana-Maui offers the use of the Old Hana theater to the Hasegawa’s.

1991, February: The Hasegawa Service Station opens for business: The only place where you can have photos developed, rent a movie and fill your car with gas, all at the same time.

1991, August: After renovating the old Hana Theater, The Hasegawa General Store is back in business. Through the entire rebuilding process the Hasegawa staff was kept fully employed. Now some 85 years later, three generations of Hasegawa’s as well as 12 employees operate this Hana landmark.

2000 Sept: Toshimasa Hasegawa dies at age 90.

2002, June: Brayden Hasegawa is born to Neil and Mitzi Hasegawa.

2005 Oct: Caelyn Hasegawa is born to Neil and Mitzi Hasegawa.

2007 Hasegawa General Store wins Small Business Associationls “Maui Family Business of the Year”

2009 June: Shizuko Hasegawa dies at the age of 95.

2010 Hasegawa General Stores celebrates their 100th year serving the Hana Community. They are the oldest family owned business in Hana and one of the very few surviving family owned businesses on Maui.